Mosaics are a fabulous vehicle for team building.  I prefer it if everybody works on the same project - say the company logo - and the results can be stunning.  Quite apart from the team aspect, everybody learns a new skill, uses the 'other'  side of their brain which is sadly neglected these days, and the resulting artwork can be displayed back at base.

Below are some pictures and recommendations from  some of the team-building days we've done.

The Unlimited team made a huge company U consisting of mosaic panels depicting their company values: Passion, Play, Love, Real, Ownership, Discipline and Restless .

This now hangs in the foyer of their office block.

My team recently went to Colyn’s studio for our annual teambuild and we found it to be one of our most enjoyable teambuild experiences yet.  My team all thoroughly enjoyed making use of the creative side of their brains and were so thrilled with the work that they produced on the day.  The day was enjoyed equally by my male and female team members alike and so it is most certainly not just for the ladies.  If you’re looking for a teambuild that will unify your team, allow you to get to know them more on a personal level and that is very rewarding then give mosaicking a try.


Catherine Clark

Head of Finance 

I did a team-building event for Liberty Life which they loved. They promised me a testimonial but I am still waiting for it!   

We held a team-building do at Sibaya for MTN on behalf of Functions Africa  - the pic below is of me setting up.  I am always so busy at these sessions I have no chance to take photos!

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